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We believe choosing the right agent is an important first step.

We love selling homes & enjoy meeting with potential clients, touring their homes & property and getting a sense of what they would like to achieve. Sometimes this includes, prioritizing potential tasks to be completed prior to listing. We will review relevant comparable listings to establish market value and clearly walkthrough the process and related costs, giving you a, “$ in your jeans number” so you can plan next steps.

Whether it’s downsizing and pulling equity from your existing home or investing the equity you have and moving towards your dream home. Ultimately, it’s about everyone being clear on the common goal and having a plan to get there.

Cowichan is a diverse region hosting a variety of towns, villages and neighbourhoods, each with unique characteristics. As local agents we are very familiar with these areas and frequent them often. We understand where it is and what it is, we are selling.

We have an exceptional network of real estate related experts we believe are best in their field. From lenders, lawyers & inspectors to the entire team involved in preparing and presenting your home for sale, we provide any and all of the support you will need. It is our commitment to protect our client’s best interests and do everything we can to assist them along the way.

We are well known and locally connected. We are “Cowichan’s Home Team”

Thinking of selling your home? We’d love to help. Please fill out the form below and we’ll get started.